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Interview Questions And Answers
Question : Why Automation testing?
The following are the benefits of Automation Testing:

1. Saves Time and Money: Testing need to be repeated during the development cycles of software for ensuring quality. Each time the source code is changed / modified and the more changes the more tests. To perform these testing tasks manually is time consuming and costly. Automated tests run again and again at no additional cost of time and they perform much faster. The repetitive tests can be performed from days to hours.

2. Improves Accuracy: The mistakes occur during monotonous manual testing. The same process of testing can be performed precisely every time and without missing to record detailed results.

3. Increases Test Coverage: The depth and the scope of the tests can be increased for improving software quality. The lengthy tests of manual testing could be executed unattended. This test can run on multiple systems of different configurations and operating systems. Automated tests can look into an application and see the contents of files, data tables, memory contents and the internal program states for determining whether the product is behaving as expected.

4. Can perform the tasks which can not be done by manual testing: A controlled web application tests can not be performed by largest software departments of thousands of users. Automated tests simulate the thousands of virtual users interacting within the network or web applications.

5. Helps developers and testers: Certain shared automated tests could be utilized even by developers for catching problems quickly prior to sending to the Quality Assurance department. The tests could run automatically, when the source code changes are checked in by developers or team members if they fail. These features ensures saving time and increasing the confidence levels of developers.

6. Improves team morale: The automated tests improve team morale, though it is difficult to measure if the team experienced it first. Automating the repetitive tasks with automated testing provides an opportunity to the team for spending time on more challenging and rewarding projects. The skills sets, confidence levels improved by team members, which ultimately, escalate the gains on to the enterprise.
Automation testing improves efficiency of testing, Reduced testing efforts and costs, Testing can be replicated across different platforms
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